SHV Wholesalers

SHV Wholesalers are Tasmania's leaders in fresh produce and gourmet food, with our distribution network and delivery system having won us many friends all over the state. We provide fresh produce to many Tasmanian businesses, both large and small, and have been doing so since _.

Because we've been doing what we do for so long, we know how fundamentally important it is to have a stable logistical network, one that is reliable and dependable at all times.. Our unique distribution system and reliable delivery methods ensures that we will have your produce to you fresh and on time.

Our produce is of the highest quality. We supply to some of Tasmania's biggest brands

Expert Distribution and Delivery

We've honed our distribution and delivery process to provide the best service for the delivery of wholesale goods and produce. Our experience and expertise means that we can offer you:

Unique and wide ranging distribution network

Reliable delivery of the freshest goods

Quality produce, all the time, every time

Full support on logistics

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